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C. Wayne McCullough, LUTCF
Managing General Agent

Welcome!  If you are looking for insurance information, and you like the idea of personal, professional advice and service, I would like to apply for that job. I have been a licensed insurance agent since 1974, and I enjoy helping people to better understand insurance and related products.  

I specialize in the "Income Protection" side of insurance.  I insure the "Goose" instead of the "Golden Eggs".  Here's what I mean.  For most of us, our income is the most important financial asset we have, and the loss of it can be devastating.   How long could you continue if your pay/income checks were to stop tomorrow?

There are 4 ways that your income could be in jeopardy:  

  • 1) Loss of job
  • 2) Accident or sickness
  • 3) Premature death
  • 4) Retirement

I can't help much with that first risk, but I can show you how to protect the other 3.  

Think about this:  If you were to lose one of the "Golden Eggs" (house, car, jewelry, etc), and they were NOT insured, it would hurt, right?

But, as long as you were able to produce new income, you could eventually replace them.  What would happen if you were to lose the ability to produce income (disability, death, or retirement)?  That would truly be devastating for most of us.

If you are retired, or nearing that point, I can help you organize your assets to assure sufficient income, supplement Medicare coverage, show you Long Term Care options, and assist with funding estate planning obligations.  If you are still saving for retirement, or need to start, perhaps I can show you options for that, too.

I realize that some people want to do some preliminary research when looking for insurance, and that is the purpose of my website. There are hundreds of pages of information on topics such as insurance, employee benefits, retirement, and estates.  There are:

  • informative articles,
  • calculators,
  • videos,
  • sample guides,
  • And more.... just click on the concept tabs at the top of this homepage to find a topic of interest.

LIFE INSURANCE?... you can get sample pricing on Life Insurance by clicking HERE.

For a quote on Long Term Care or Disability protection, just call or send me an email to  I will send you a short questionnaire to help you find what you are looking for.  To view a consumer guide related to these types of coverage, click on the "Other Resources" tab at the top, and then on Consumer Guides.

Pages of information are helpful, but nothing replaces a good old sit-down discussion. So, if you prefer a free personal review with me, we can arrange that, or perhaps you would prefer a 20-30 minute chat on the phone.  I promise that you will know more after we talk, and you'll feel better about that knowledge in making your plans.  Perhaps my 40 years of experience can help you.  To go to my Bio now, click HERE.

Thank you for visiting MyAgentNow, and I hope you find the information helpful.

Wayne McCullough


Click on above "Free Webcast" link to listen to an audio broadcast related to financial and insurance planning issues.  A different subject is offered each month.  Visit often to learn more about financial planning issues that can affect you.

  What is the professional designation "LUTCF"?  Click HERE for more info.


Member of the  National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors 
(NAIFA) since 1974, and past president of the Memphis chapter.


If you have questions about the financial stability of your insurance company, just click below for helpful information:

National Organization of Life & Health Insurance Guaranty Associations 

National Association of Insurance Commissioners

Important note:  Every effort is made to insure the accuracy of the information on this website, but we can`t guarantee that accuracy.  Information changes quickly these days, so please call to verify anything that you have questions about.  We do not give tax or legal advice, so you should contact your attorney and tax adviser regarding your particular situation.  We will be happy to work with your other advisers to provide appropriate advice, products and services.   Always consult with a professional adviser trained in your area of concern before making important decisions.  In all matters, we strive to recommend products that are appropriate and suitable for your situation.  Any mention of "guarantees" on this website refers to guarantees based on insurance company contracts.  Quotations of prices are NOT an offer, solicitation, or binding of coverage.  C. Wayne McCullough is only licensed in TN, AR, and KY.  Thank you.

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